Support Türkiye!

Waves founded TürkiyeDAO in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by the Earthquake in Turkiye and Syria. Help raise $1million to help rebuild schools in Turkiye.

Where do the donations go?

Emergency response

The donations go directly to paying for necessary supplies for survivors and rescue workers


The donations will go to funding the development of a new school in Istanbul, Türkiye

March 2023: TürkiyeDAO has reached a partnership agreement with Istanbul Philharmonic Society (Law No. 6/9648 dated 26.10.1957 Public Benefit Association)

Who will act as a local partner to

Accept donations, document use of funds and provide receipts for covering cost of school building

Act as local non-governmental Public Benefit Association in partnership with Waves Labs (signed and publicly announced partnership agreement)

Organize official meetings with local governor’s offices in affected cities


March 2023
Public partnership with Turkiye DAO and Philarmonic society
March 2023:
Fundraising begins
July 2023:
Fundraising closed — target $1.2m USD
August 2023:
Tender builders of the school
September 2023 — May 2024:
School in session!
June 2024:
Hand over management to local authorities
September 2024:
School in session!

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